Massi T-Cut 500ml

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Massi T-Cut 500ml

T-Cut Original Car Paintwork Restorer & Scratch Remover 500ml

T-Cut The Original Restorer has been used for cleaning and restoring the original colour of cars since 1954. The unique formula brings back the original colour and lustre to paintwork by removing oxidation, surface scratches*, ingrained road grime, tar spots and baked on insects. T-Cut Original does not contain silicone or leave any harmful residues. The paintwork surface is rejuvenated and fully prepared for waxing or repainting. The new technologically advanced formula is now safe to use on all paintwork as well as painted surfaces found in the home, caravans, bikes, boats, metal polishing, domestic appliances and antique restoration.


Key Features:

A truly classic formula, designed to bring back the original colour and lustre of paintwork

Removes oxidation, scratches, ingrained road grime, tar spots and baked on insects

Contains no silicone and leaves no harmful residues

Suitable for use on many painted surfaces found in the home, caravans, bikes and boats

Easy to apply

Directions: We recommend using 2 quality microfibre cloths, 1 damp cloth to apply and 1 dry cloth to buff.

- Ensure the surface is clean and dry.

- Shake the bottle well and spray on to the damp cloth.

- Working on a small area at a time (approx. 1sq ft) apply the product to the surface working in a circular motion.

- Buff off any excess product before it dries.

- Apply T-Cut Ceramic Wax or T-Cut Final Glaze to protect the paint finish and leave a brilliant shine.

Note: Do not use on matt or special effect paintwork. Do not use in hot conditions or direct sunlight. Do not apply to unsound or freshly painted surfaces. Do not use on glass, vinyl, unpainted or plastic bumpers and car trims. Test on an inconspicuous area first. Dispose of cloth after use.

A surface scratch is determined by feeling no obstruction when passing a fingernail over the mark. if an obstruction is noticed, it will be deeper than a surface scratch and this product can only help in improving the appearance of a scratch.

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