Frostlögur long life 25 L


Frá Tetrosyl - Vörunúmer: TEFSA025

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Rauður frostlögur Long life 25 lítrar

CarPlan Premium Red is a concentrated, superior quality ethylene glycol based antifreeze & coolant concentrate incorporating the latest in Organic Acid Technology (OAT). Offering winter protection down to -36°C. Premium Red antifreeze uses a synthetic process and additive package which offers superior corrosion resistance over extended service periods, which can also be left in the system for up to a maximum of 5 years.

For general UK conditions use a 25% v/v solution (1 part antifreeze to 3 parts water). For severe UK winter conditions use a 33% v/v solution (1 part antifreeze to 2 parts water). For optimum protection down to -36°C use a 50% v/v solution (1 part antifreeze to 1 part water).


  • Conforms to BS6580 (2010)
  • Contains Bitrex to help prevent ingestion
  • 5 years extended life
  • Offers superior corrosion resistance
  • Contains Mono Ethylene Glycol


Drain and flush the cooling system with clean water. If sludge is evident use Carlube Radiator Flush for a complete cooling system preparation. Check all hoses, clips and joints for leakage-tighten or replace where necessary. Remove radiator or expansion tank cap and partly fill the radiator system with clean water. Add antifreeze to give the level of protection required (refer to vehicle handbook for total volume of the cooling system). Replace cap. Run engine until it reaches normal operating temperature to remove any air locks. Switch off engine and allow to cool. Check for and correct any leaks. Top up with water if necessary.

Not suitable for classic/vintage vehicles.

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