ASC 5300 G

Frá Dometic - Vörunúmer: DMASC5300G


ASC 5300 G

Service unit for R 1234yf with optional gas analyzer

Are you in the market for an A/C service unit for the new R 1234yf refrigerant? Do you want one from a renowned manufacturer without spending more money than necessary? Then the ASC 5300 G could be just the right thing for you. The unit integrates a wealth of WAECO know-how and experience. Professional A/C service work is performed fully automatically, with little operator effort. All standard ASC-series features are provided, including refrigerant charging and recovery management, personalised charging amount database and automatic vacuum check. The ASC 5300 G can be added with an external refrigerant analysis tool.

  • Sturdy metal housing
  • Charging cylinder storage capacity: 16 kg, vacuum pump capacity: 5 cars/h
  • Humidity free storage and feeding system for fresh oil and UV additive
  • Print-out of important service data, several print-outs possible
  • Fully automatic refrigerant recycling, oil and additive management
  • Automatic vacuum check
  • Automatic charging of leak detection additive
  • Integrated refrigerant charging and recovery amount management
  • Integrated charging amount database
  • Complies with SAE J 2099, 2788 and 2843
  • Personalised charging amount database
  • Operator guidance via large display
  • Swivel and tilt manometer panel (patented)
  • Heated charging cylinder for high-speed charging, heat-up also possible during the charging process
  • Special, 8-bearing weighing platform
  • Special air conditioner flush function
  • 500 ml used oil container for longer change intervals
  • Large recessed tray for tools
  • Also suitable for hybrid vehicles
  • USB interface
  • Soft graphic display
  • Including adapter for refrigerant bottles
  • Optional: prepared for refrigerant purity analysis tool; easy retrofitting – plug & play

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