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Frá Brilliant Tools - Vörunúmer: BT521150

35.955 kr

Verð áður 39.950 kr

  • 28-piece set
  • 20 Vehicle-specific adapters
  • Vacuum filling station
  • Universal

The BRILLIANT TOOLS master cooling system diagnostic set BT521150 eliminates the difficulty of bleeding. With the help of the 20 vehicle-specific adapters and the pressure pump, putting the cooling system “under pressure” is no longer a problem. Thus a leak will quickly be visible and can be repaired. The vacuum filling station eliminates the difficulty of bleeding. The cooling agent is drawn into the last corners of the cooling system. The tedious work of letting it warm up is eliminated and saves an enormous amount of time. Two adapters are also included that can be used to test the cooler lid. This is also a frequent source of errors.

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