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Frá Brilliant Tools - Vörunúmer: BT150800

8.990 kr

  • With riveted hinges
  • 5 individual compartments for sorting tools
  • Made of full steel sheet with a thickness of 0.6 mm
  • Closes automatically when the foldable carrying handle is pulled up
  • Can be secured with a padlock (not included in delivery)
  • Stove-enameled

The BRILLIANT TOOLS metal tool box BT150800 is the perfect companion for mobile use! Sorted in the five individual compartments, you always have your tools ready to hand. The metal toolbox is made of a full steel sheet with a thickness of 0.6 mm and riveted joints. Once opened, it can be closed again by pulling the carrying handle and locked with a padlock if required.

L x W x H cm: 53 x 21 x 27 cm

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