Rafgeymir, 185 Ah, EFB Start Stop Plus Batteries 5years

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YUASA Super Heavy Duty EFB

Article nr: YBX7629 Eiginleikar:

  • 12 V
  • 185 Ah
  • 1230 A


  • Premium choice for high power demands & end of chassis location
  • Next generation enhanced flooded battery technology suitable for vehicles with Start – Stop systems or standard ignition
  • For frequent overnight stays where hotel loads are applied
  • XVR Extreme vibration resistance – 8 times V4
  • M1 Micro-cycle endurance – over 765 cycles (17.5% DOD)
  • Fully maintenance free with sealed double lid & built in electrolyte mixing device to extend battery life
  • Optimised for frequent stop & start driving patterns thanks to exceptional partial state-of-charge operation
  • High charge acceptance for faster charging
  • End venting for remote exhaust of gases
  • Lowest self-discharge rate for extended shelf life

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