Ballancevél ATH W42

Frá ATH Heinl - Vörunúmer:


Highest quality: Warp-resistant construction with high precise laser cut manufacturing and robotic welding Semi-automatic measuring: Automatic measuring of the distance and the rim diameter, manual input of the rim width (2D function) Easy handling: Ergonomically arranged front panel, big counterweights holder Clear displayed measurements: Weights location indicator by LED and Laser (LPS) Precise balancing: Exact work controlled by microprocessor Great program choice: Static/dynamic, aluminum programs, aluminum weight optimizing and split-program Comfortable working: Balancing shaft and quick nut with a diameter of 40 mm, easy attaching of the counterweights due to pedal controlled wheel brake and the ruler, inner wheel target light Modern design: High resistant powder coating with attractive hammer scale painting design Maximum security: Wheel protecting with automatic start-stop function Scope of delivery: Centering cones between 45 and 130 mm diameters, gauge for measuring rim width, quick nut, calibration weight (100g), weight pliers, clamping cap for aluminum rims, shaft spring Perfect wheel balancer for passenger cars, with optional accessories also for motorcycle and light-truck wheels Optional expandable to ATH W42 LED 3D


Power supply voltage (electrical)
230 V AC / 50 Hz
Power supply
230/50 V / Hz
Tolerance of measure
+/- 1,0 g
Display (LED, LCD, TFT)
113 kg
Wheel diameter max.
900 mm
Wheel weight max.
65 kg
Measuring speed
180 rpm
Rim width max.
1,5 - 20 "
Measuring time
7 s
Diameter of centre bore diameter min.
130 mm
Diameter of centre bore diameter min.
45 mm
Rim diameter max.
12 - 24 "
Motor power
0,25 kW
Machine dimensions (W x D x H)
850 x 750 x 1160 mm