Dekkjatrilla Smart Cart

Frá Winntec - Vörunúmer: TMY471147HD

39.900 kr

Finally there’s a product that really does the job! This long life, light weight, high capacity cart allows the tire fitter to maneuver heavy wheel sets in the most ergonomic way with the help of its patented tilting system. The unique push-slide-secure automatic locking system eliminates the need for inefficient, wear sensitive, foot operated - or hand controlled jaws.

The light yellow colored foam filled tires are maintenance free and leave no traces on the work shop floor. The cart has been developed in partnership with some of Europe’s leading tire service chains. It comes in powdercoated steel (robotic welding) with high strength components and an exeptional 3 year warranty period. With just 20kg this lightweight cart handles most car and SUV wheelsets from 14” - 20” up to 200kg.


1385 mm
610 mm
695 mm
200 kg
23,3 kg
Klettháls 5 (lager)
Bíldshöfði 10
Hafnarfjörður Nei
Selfoss Nei