Thule Tepui Boot Bag Single

- Vörunúmer: TH901701

7.646 kr

Verð áður 8.995 kr


Keep the interior of your tent clean and dry with a hanging boot bag. Simply slide the upper tab of the boot bag into the C-channel on the front of your tent, and you're ready to go.

A single boot bag fits one pair of boots and is made from the same weatherproof, durable materials as Tepui Tents, so your boots will stay protected from the elements. A mesh pocket is located on the front of each boot bag for keeping extra items within reach.


Quick and easy to install by sliding the bag into C-channel on front of tent

A single bag conveniently holds two pairs of shoes or one pair of boots

Keep extra items easily accessible in the front mesh pocket


Thule framleiðir einungis framúrskarandi, gæðaprófaðar vörur og við ábyrgjumst gallalausa framleiðslu.

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Olive Green
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